How to demonstrate your product potential and market traction to investors

Date: 5th November, 2019 4pm GMT.

In this webinar, Svetislav (Chief Data Scientist at Skein) and Svitlana (Skein CEO) take a deep dive into the topic of using data for demonstrating your product traction.

Your current and future investors expect to see indications of your product’s potential for growing into (at least) a $100 M business. To evaluate that, they are looking for quantitative evidence of user engagement and unit-economics that can be extrapolated into a scalable business model. But for an early stage business it is often challenging to show that evidence. Your solution still needs multiple functional and design improvements, your test marketing budgets are small and user acquisition campaigns are lacking optimisation, so both the data volume and its quality fails to demonstrate an impressive product dynamic.

We will talk about the analytics methods and AI tools for finding the evidence that will support your vision and help adjusting the product strategy.  

Investor dashboards

Tell your story with simple investor dashboards.

Market traction insights

An overview of data science tools that help you to tell a compelling product story.

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